When Rosemarie moved to Truro from Yarmouth, she brought her talents and willingness to help as well. As a retired health professional, she wanted to remain part of the movement to improve health. In her new community, she was already getting involved and attended an Alzheimer’s Educational Day and there learned more about the Truro & Area Community Health Board(CHB). She had always had an interest in community health board work and was interested in learning how community initiatives were addressing the Social Determinants of Health.

Rosemarie is happy to be part of the CHB which is positively improving her community by funding local projects and creating the Collaborative Community Health Plan. She enjoys working in a group, brainstorming with them and notes that she has learned so much as a newcomer to the area. She hopes to bring some ideas from her hometown too! It is much more effective to be part a group effort.

She notes that at the January 2017 Collaborative Health Plan Launch and Wellness Grant event, it was so great to see many projects that local CHBs supported through the Wellness Grant process, from running clubs to playground supplies. The event was held at the new Truro library whose neighbor is a well-used outdoor rink which also just opened in 2017. She hopes the plan will be a helpful guide and resource and may give folks the opportunity to succeed. Different people need different supports...if we can help one person, we can help the whole family!

Rosemarie is certainly about working locally to create positive change for her community…one small gesture at a time.