Meet Ethan

My name is Ethan Payne. I am in my 4th year at St Francis Xavier University majoring in Chemistry, with the hopes of becoming a doctor.

I was a youth member of the Central Kings Community Health Board while I was in high school from 2013-2014. The experience was truly unique. I believe it gave me knowledge about the health and wellness of my community, and ways to improve it. This is knowledge that I could not have received anywhere else, as no other organization I had access to provided the hands-on approach that the community health board did. My voice was genuinely considered and appreciated. In particular, my individual input was used to better the health of youth in my community. Having my ideas heard and used at such a young age was extremely empowering. My confidence in group settings and public speaking skyrocketed.

I strongly suggest that any youth considering a career in health, or in promoting the health and wellness in their community, get involved with their local community health board. You will learn what health issues face your community, and ways that you and others can combat them.