Joining the Community Health Boards

There are 37 Community Health Boards (CHBs) across the province. Each one with unique ideas and perspectives. Learn more about the role and responsibilities of a CHB member and how you can apply by clicking the links below. 

Not sure what CHB represents your community? No problem! Check out the maps at the bottom of the page to find your local CHB!

 Northside the Lakes CHB

Northside the Lakes CHB

Role Description and Responsibilities

CHBs advocate for actions to promote and improve health and wellness based on what communities say is most important. Guided by their Community Health Plans, they develop partnerships with local community groups and they award Wellness Fund grants to local community projects.


Current Opportunities

Many of the 37 CHBs across the province are currently recruiting new volunteers.

To learn which CHB to apply to, please see the maps below or click here. 


 Wellness Fund Recipients from Annapolis Valley, NS 

Wellness Fund Recipients from Annapolis Valley, NS 

How to Apply

Interested in joining a CHB? Download and complete the application below. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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CHB Locations: Where is My CHB?