The Collaborative Community Health Plan Launch and Wellness Grant Showcase for the Community Health Boards (CHBs) of Along the Shore, South Colchester and Truro & Area was held in January 2017. This event celebrated the launch of the health plan and invited various community groups to present an overview of their local projects funded by CHB Wellness Grants.

Collectively, the three CHBs awarded just over $39,000 in funds to these deserving projects which included projects related to physical activity, the arts, social networking and mental health to name a few. The heartfelt stories, community engagement and dedication of the community groups to improving the health of their community inspired all in attendance. All of the projects linked to the four priority areas of the Collaborative Community Health Plan, including:

  • Promote and Enhance Mental Wellness

  • Healthy Active Living

  • Affordable, Thriving Communities

  • Build Relationships and Foster Inclusive Communities

Community groups and individuals are always invited to join their local CHBs in continuing to positively affect the health of their communities as they implement community health actions and recommendations.

- Luanne Schenkels, CHB Coordinator