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Who We Are

About Us

Who We Are:
Community Health Boards (CHBs) are a committed group of volunteers that support the work of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) by advising on local perspectives, trends, issues, and priorities. They contribute to health-system accountability by facilitating an exchange of information and feedback between the community and the NSHA (Health Authorities Act, Section 62).

There are currently 37 CHBs in Nova Scotia, each consisting of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 15 members and are selected using an open and transparent process. CHB members must live within the boundaries of the community that the CHB represents.

CHB members are recognized volunteers of the NSHA, guided by the NSHA vision and mission.

Healthy people, healthy communities - for generations.

Notre vision: Des gens en santé, des collectivités en santé, pour des générations

To achieve excellence in health, healing and learning through working together. 

Notre mission: Atteindre l’excellence en matière de santé, de guérison et d’apprentissage en travaillant ensemble

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The Health Authorities Act describes a highly collaborative relationship between the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the network of 37 Community Health Boards (CHBs) across the province.

CHBs contribute to the overall health of Nova Scotians by ensuring local health issues are considered in health system planning.

NSHA supports the work of CHBs through staff and financial supports. CHB Coordinators and other technical and support staff of the health authority assist the boards in delivering on their mandate.

For more information on NSHA visit their website at www.nshealth.ca